Monday, March 12, 2012

Moral Philosophical Quagmire #1

Four girls under the age of six. 
Now again, in bold. 
Four girls under the age of six. 
Look at that fucking sentence. Keep looking at it until those words dissolve and become meaningless; make them irrelevant to you, like I've had to do to stop myself from exploding with rage. And then, once they've become transparent - lost all their weight, their power, their potential to engage you on any level whatsoever, then keep reading.

Because those four girls that now mean nothing to you were part of the body count that one US Staff Sergeant just racked up in a personal skeet shoot in Kandahar. Took his gun, left the base in the middle of the night, chose some doors, kicked them in. Ended the lives of eleven children, three women and two men. Tried to burn some of the bodies for good measure.

Tell me, reader...

...are you a parent? Are you a father or a mother to a bright, precious, beautiful child? A mischievous, loving, infuriating, amazing, frustrating, incredible son or daughter that makes every day on this planet full of lies and death and corruption and oppression and pain just that bit more bearable? Do you, as I do, lie awake, terrified of what you'd do - how you'd cope - if they were suddenly taken away from you?

Do you look at the news footage of the man in Syria, or the woman in Palestine, or the family in Egypt, all cradling the lifeless bodies of their own children? Do you see it in their eyes? Lying in wait behind the grief and the despair? Do you recognise it? Do you see it in yourself?

1. The use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
2. The state of fear or submission produced by terrorism or terrorisation

So tell me, Obama. Tell me, Cameron. Tell me how what YOU do, what YOU sanction and YOU condone differs from the above definition?

Tell me. I'm all fucking ears.

Hey, reader. Chances are you live in either one of the two countries I just mentioned. If you don't, congratulations - perhaps you actually DO live in a democracy or a 'free' country (increasingly unlikely, I'll admit). Be warned. If you are American or British, and you agree with what I've written here, your government considers YOU a terrorist. You are a threat because you dare to disagree. This is not democracy at work. This is fascism. 

And this will not go away, this will not end, without the forced removal of our current tyrants. They will not go quietly, they will try and tell you that everything they do is for your safety, security and long-term benefit. They will show you monsters that live overseas and tell you how those monsters are planning to slaughter you and dismantle everything you hold dear. They are frantically trying to hold onto an economic model that cannot survive because it's based entirely on a lie (fiat currency). They know it will eventually fail, but they will pretend it can be regenerated by hard work and sacrifice on our part. They steal our money and call it taxation. They keep us ignorant and call it 'state education'. They slaughter innocents in their thousands in other countries and call it 'the war on terror'. Why? Because they still think they fucking can.

The US soldier that slaughtered sixteen Afghanistan innocents the other night has no doubt been asked the question 'why?' many times since he handed himself in. As yet, the media has given no reason.

I can't help but try to fathom his logic, to understand why he'd do that himself. As a father to two children back home, why he'd take a gun and end the lives of those little children that already had their lives ruined and their childhood taken away by a war that shouldn't be happening.

They say he's done four tours of Iraq. He's as indoctrinated as it gets into the US Military mindset. But ask yourself. Did he suspect or know what effect his actions would have on the war, on the perception of the U.S. in the eyes of the world and in particular in the eyes of the Afghan people, before he went out that night?

I suspect the answer is yes. A part of me believes that the atrocity he committed may have put a bullet between the eyes of the War machine itself. To do something so completely without justification or compassion, acting as a representative of an invading nation, is to hold that entire nation to account in front of the world - to force them to justify the unjustifiable. And it can't be done. The Afghan people want this man's blood, and rightly so. The anti-US sentiment is off the scale, and rightly so. They, along with their lapdog the UK, are invaders, usurpers and bullies.

One can only wonder what was in that soldier's mind. But he MUST have known his actions would have terrible repercussions for the 'campaign' he was part of. And if that were true, might it not also follow that he purposely committed an atrocity that couldn't be ignored in order to deliberately generate an adverse reaction to it?

That's a really fucking uncomfortable thought.


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  1. Strong words, but very necessary on a horrific crime against innocents by so-called 'keepers of the peace' this one random act alone sums up the futility and criminal aspect of this war. I read your words with a lump in my throat as the father of three young children as well as a human being. Powerful words which needed to be said and I salute the courage of one who has the balls to say it. All power to you my friend.